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December 2006

kato get's a Birthday Message
From the Top Man at Lotus Cars Ltd

LEW founder 'kato', which isn't his real name! Had his Birthday today (29th Dec) and was lucky to receive a birthday message from Lotus Chairman, Mike Kimberley. It reads as follows:

Your constant support and enthusiasm for the brand has made you one of our best ambassadors and your website a regular search on the company computers. I would personally like to thank you for all your work in promoting the Esprit and the Lotus name and wish you a happy birthday and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best regards
Mike Kimberley
Lotus Cars Ltd

This sort of thing makes all the work that goes into this site, the LEF (run by bibs), our cars and the community in general, all worthwhile. We look forward to continuing to support Lotus Cars and all Esprit owners and continuing to receive support from Lotus Cars and all Esprit owners. Giving us a wonderful community, that makes owning one of these vehicles as special as driving them.


The North Midlands Esprit Group (NMEG)
Review of 2006
The North Midland Esprit Group was born out of some threads in the “spotted” section on the Lotus Esprit Forum; a number of us kept spotting Esprits in our area, the North Midlands. It was suggested that we should meet so Howard (esprit350) took the plunge and suggested a time and place for our first meet; it was a gamble (put it paid off) as it was the week end just prior to Christmas 2005 but it happened none the less.

December 05
Our first event was way back last December when we met the week before Christmas in the Gingerbread Man car park, Market Drayton, Shropshire. We had 4 Lotus Esprits at the first meet. plus Lisa Lotus in her Shogun. A quick introduction to each other and it was time to set off. We went for a run through the Shropshire countryside skirting round the North of Shrewsbury, before stopping for a bite to eat

January 06
No meet alas, but plans were being hatched over a beer or 3.

Our next event was a supposed to be a run up to Oulton Park to meet some of the North West owners, but they didn’t get themselves organised, so three of us went for a short hoon involving coffee and bacon butties at a local Little Chef. Weather was a bit iffy so no cameras came out and the hoon was kept minimal due to road conditions

March – Club Lotus Donington Festival
NMEG’s meet this month, involved a hoon to the annual Club Lotus Donington Festival. Club Lotus offered Esprit owners some exclusive parking so as to form an Esprit display along the exhibition centre fence. NMEG members Dave (oneshot) and Howard (esprit350) set off early on the Sunday morning to organise the parking for the Esprit display, whilst Graham (Backmarker) had 5 corneal scrapes at his local eye hospital……not recommended apparently. NMEG member Lisa (lisalotus) invited Esprit owners back to her house near Donington to meet the snake and eat bacon butties prepared by LEF boss man Andy (Bibs)

April – LEW/ LEF Oxford run
A small Esprit convoy consisting of, NMEG members Dave (dodgy154) Graham (backmarker) and Howard (esprit350) set off from Hilton Park services on the M6 to meet up with other Esprit owners and join them for lunch at the fabulous Heythop House in Oxfordshire. Glorious settings, and a chance to meet (again) many like-minded souls from far and wide.

May – RAF Cosford Museum
The Museum very kindly let us have a whole car park to ourselves and we filled it with 8 Esprits, free entry to the museum for a couple of hours then a short hoon to a local pub for lunch. Good to see CarlC from Preston,(just how far does the North Midlands stretch?) and Nick and Ros who are rightly North Midlanders.

Whilst Howard was sunning himself on some exotic beach in the Indian Ocean, those of us of more meagre means went to rub shoulders with owners of other exotica at the Supercar Sunday show at Gaydon just of the M40. We were joined by CarlC (he really ought to move south) and David (blue V8). Numbers were starting to swell and we easily out-shone those lesser mortals in foreign regalia. One incident of note was the Ferrari owner who, whilst being interviewed, failed to identify just what he’d got under the bonnet! We even got a free impromptu display by a lovely Spitfire.

July – Paul Matty Esprit Day
Paul Matty invited Esprit owners to make use of the large field he has at the rear of his showroom and workshop in Bromsgrove. This was the best attended NMEG event yet with 16 Esprits visiting during the day, including Kato from LEW who came to show us his new S3 Turbo.

Great day out was had by all that attended; Paul Matty and his staff were such wonderful hosts. Food and drink provided for all that turned up, wonderful display of some single seater Lotus racing cars, including Paul’s own Lotus 35. The workshop area was open for inspection and an Esprit set up on the ramp with the laser wheel alignment equipment up and running for demo purposes. Lotus Esprit World was in attendance with new car, and did a report for the LEW website. This event also managed to get a small mention in the October edition of Classic and Sportscar Magazine

But most of all a big thanks to those who turned up with their Esprits to make it a superb day. We are invited back for next year.

North Wales hoon to join in the Club Lotus Welsh weekend

Many thanks to Graham (backmarker) for organising a wonderful day out, NMEG went to meet Club Lotus at Llangollen, North Wales and join them for breakfast (bacon butties becoming something of a NMEG feature) and then on their run over the Horseshoe pass to end up in the beautiful city of Chester where we took tea by the side of the Dee. Nice to see a new car join the group, Simon Gleave in his GT3.

September – The evil dr fish NOT Alton Towers run:-
Robin (Evil Dr Fish) was organising a run and visit to Alton Towers on the LEF. As Alton Towers is in NMEG territory we decide we should support him. Graham (backmarker) coordinated the NMEG element via the forum. The day started out a little foggy so we had breakfast at our pre meet just outside Stafford (more bacon butties and for Dodgy Dave, the most expensive round of toast he has ever ordered!) then off to Uttoxeter to meet the no show Dr Fish.... To be fair, Robin and the rest of the southern contingent pulled out of the event so NMEG members ditched the Alton Towers visit in favour of some hooning.

We had a great day out riding the roller coasters that North Staffordshire call roads, Graham led us along some great routes but the road surface left a bit to be desired... We enjoyed ourselves so much we have decided to let Robin organise more of our events and will probably make the "Evil Dr Fish NOT Alton Towers run" an annual event..

October – Hethel, Lotus Factory and Great Yarmouth

Along with the rest of the Esprit community NMEG members made the pilgrimage to the “Esprit meet to end all Esprit meets” the Lotus factory weekend. Most of us met at the Norton Canes Services on the M6 Toll. It was good to welcome along another new face, Mat (yellow S2). We made our way gently along the M6 Toll and A14, picking up others en route. CarlC (he still hasn’t moved south ?) brought along WifeNav and we got ever so slightly lost a couple miles from the hotel. Thanks for the guidance Sam. Most NMEG members did the two day event and went on the Charity run to Great Yarmouth whilst a few got there on the Monday for the factory visit and the journey home, which included some mad Canadian who thought it would be fun to see more of Wolverhampton! Needless to say, much beer was drunk and a great time was had by all.

November – Stoneleigh Club Lotus parts fair
A convoy was arranged by Graham (backmarker) from the M6 services at Norton Canes to the LEF pre meet at the Porridge Pot. It was good to welcome along Nick (Stagowner) in his lovely S3 Turbo. Having met up with other Esprit owners at the Porridge Pot (no bacon butties but much nattering…….another common theme of NMEG meetings) we made our way in convoy to Stoneleigh. After the show some NMEG members attended the after show meal at the porridge pot organised by Paul C

1st Anniversary Run. One year on from our first meet nine Esprits met at our original meeting place the Gingerbread Man at Market Drayton. New members included Trevor in his N/A Stevens and Alex in his GT3. Loaded with Christmas presents we went on a hoon along some Shropshire “B” roads to the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford where we donated the large pile of presents to the children’s ward. After a short photo session with the Shropshire Star and NMEG members in the hospital car park we drove for lunch at the Lamb at Edgemond. The Lamb did us proud, and I’m sure we’ll be back. Two members of the public, one of whom was a passenger in a Porsche 911, congratulated us on the superb show of Esprits in the car park.


Plans are already afoot for the next 12 months so keep an eye on LEF or LEW.

The message is simple, if you want to meet other Esprit owners in your area then organise a meet, they don’t organise themselves.

NMEG would like to thank all members for there support over the last 12 months.


N. Fulcher Coachtrimmer
Experts on Lotus interiors!

LEW is proud to bring you N. Fulcher Coachtrimmers in Norfolk. This is the place to take your Esprit for any re-trimming. The guys there know their stuff and originally worked on the early Esprits at the factory. They were also heavily involved in trimming out the DeLoren's back in the day. And any S1 owners out there! They have the original orange and tartan materials, to take your Esprit back to the beginning!

We'll be bringing you more from N. Fulcher Coachtrimmer in 2007! Including a few pics of some of the stuff they've been working on. A business like this is a great find in the Esprit World.


LEW's Esprits at Xmas
We like our Basic Instinct look!

LEW's two Esprits on Boxing day! Not quite as nicer pad as Sharon Stone's in Basic Instinct, but we've got a black and white Esprit outside. Boxing day was spent trying to attach a V8 steering wheel to our SE (without much luck) and fitting our ABS wheels to our hubs, which we left off when fitting our Monster 6 brake kit. We also needed to fix one of the front fog lights, which is out! But time got the better of us. We were supposed to be fitting the new rear 4-pot kit from PNM over the Xmas holiday! But garage keys were lost for a day, so we couldn't get at our tools! These will be fitted soon. Nice big vented discs with 4-pot calipers with handbrake attachment. Should give us our final piece to our brake upgrade! Who wouldn't be satisfied with 6 on the front and 4 on the rear!

We are currently still running in our new engine, built by SWLC, which should be done within the next few weeks (guides to follow). A few other bits were done at the sametime, which we'll tell you all about at the beginning of 2007. While running in our engine we are evaluating the Lotus Suspension, which has changed the cars handling. Our Esprit now gives so much more feedback while cornering and is still pretty comfortable on the straights! Amazing stuff from Lotus! Hard to put into words, but we will try. We advise you to buy the stuff, will be the short version. Got to be the best upgrade available for any Esprit.

We are also doing a bit of a January sale to make some space and get rid of a few bits we don't use! See the parts page at www.esprit4sale.co.uk for our GT3 Seats, S4/GT3 Wheels and Tyres (for pre S4 cars) and our old dump valve! Nice and cheap if you have any money left after Xmas!

Enjoy the holidays and we'll keep our end up, by giving you everything you need to know about the greatest car on the planet. You just keep yours up by looking after them!



Lotus Esprit Parts Manuals
LEW and Lotus hook up to bring you the Official Parts Lists Online!

LEW and Lotus Cars Ltd have joined up to trial the release of the Official Esprit Parts Lists online. The 1980-87 Turbo Esprit Parts List has been online in pdf format for about a month and we are now proud to annouce the release of three more Parts Lists. 1988-1992, 1993-1995 & 1996-2004. These are available to ClubLEW members on the members only site for the time being under the Articles section.


We'd like to thank Lotus Cars Ltd for their continued support of Esprit Owners and the access to valueable information on the Lotus Esprit.


Geoff Davidson Retire from Lotus Cars
An open Letter from Geoff

I would like to take a moment to look back at the enjoyable association I have had for several years now with so many enthusiastic Esprit owners.
I have been very fortunate to have had a career that has given me so much involvement with such an amazing product and I know you all share my affection for the Lotus Esprit. I have always been impressed with the camaraderie that has surrounded the Esprit gatherings and have really enjoyed attending these events with Brian (better known to you as Mr Esprit).

If there was ever any doubt about the enthusiasm, just think back to that day in October when almost 100 Esprits and their owners converged on the factory, travelling from all over the world. This was a very special day for all of us and one that I will remember for many, many years to come.

It has been very rewarding for me to work with Brian, assisting with technical issues and challenges that go hand in hand with owning such a unique marque as the Esprit. I share your passion and assure you I have had as much fun as you have driving such a thoroughbred. Just listening to your stories has been amazing, not to mention being involved with some of the stories!

I will certainly miss the daily challenges I have become accustomed to over the years and also the friendships I have developed with so many of you and will be sad to leave on Thursday. It will be a day of mixed emotions!

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your kind wishes, phone calls, cards and e-mails wishing me well in my retirement and I feel quite guilty leaving young Brian who you will be pleased to know is light years away from retirement. Brian’s knowledge of the Esprit is second to none and he is always available and happy to offer advice and supports our Technical Department (01953 608247) run by Dave Massey, Chris Brown and John Hostler in dealing with your queries.

I wish you all the very best in the future and at this time of year I would like to wish you and your families and very Merry Christmas and happy motoring in 2007! Vive L’Esprit.

Geoff Davidson


Another Lotus Dealer Joins LEW
We welcome offical Lotus Dealer Nick Whale

Nick Whale offer over 25 years of experience in the motor industry and are a Lotus main dealer. They offer New and Used Lotus, as well as TVR, Noble and Porsche, a parts service and servicing of your Esprit by train Lotus Technicians. Visit their website for more details of how they can help you and your Esprit.

Remember to mention Lotus Esprit World if you call or use Nick Whale Sportscars.


Essex Esprit Owners (past & present)
Gathering information on the Essex Esprits

LEW, LEF and Lotus Cars Ltd are trying to gather information on the first Turbo Esprits, which were badged Essex. If you own or have owned one of these original cars, please contact us at admin@lotusespritworld.com.

Essex Commemorative Lotus Esprit Turbo
45 Cars were built / used as Essex Units
UK Spec. – 31 Cars (4 Development, 4 Pre. Production & 23 Production)
Export Spec. – 14 Cars (3 Development & 11 Production)
No USA Spec. Cars were produced.

A thread on this is currently running on the LEF. Click below to see the current thread on the Essex cars.

If you're not a member of the Lotus Esprit forum, you could be missing out! In fact we are pretty sure you are! Join up, it's FREE


LOG 27
August 24-27 2007

For those of you new to the Lotus world – LOG 27 is the 27th annual Lotus Owner's Gathering presented by Lotus, Ltd. – "North America's Largest Lotus Car Club". LOG 27 will be held August 24-27, 2007 in Aspen Snowmass, Colorado USA . Lotus owners from around the world are already planning to gather at the Silvertree Hotel for four days of the premier Lotus event, situated within the Snowmass ski slopes

The theme for this year's event: "Celebrating the Spirit of Colin Chapman" recognizes the founder's principles in the DNA that follows to this day in every Lotus, from the Mark I to the newest Elise and Exige models.

We expect this Lotus Owner's Gathering to be another very exciting and memorable one. We plan on welcoming Mike Kimberley, CEO of Group Lotus as a special guest of Lotus, Ltd. We look forward to him bringing more exciting news about upcoming new cars from Lotus, including the much-anticipated new "Lotus Supercar," the Esprit and more. LOG has proven to be a favorite location for Lotus to preview new models for the loyal owners.

In recognition of Lotus racing history, we anticipate reuniting Emerson Fittipaldi with his Lotus 72 JPS World Championship car and his mechanic Bob Dance along with current Classic Team Lotus head, Clive Chapman. We also will have a special message delivered to the LOG by Hazel Chapman in celebrating the 35th anniversary of that Championship season and a special performance of "Working All Nighter" as performed by the 1972 team mechanics. Additional special Lotus anniversary cars such as the Seven and Elite, which were introduced 50 years ago, the Elan and Elan plus Two, will also be celebrated along with more recent Lotus race champions like the 1992 World Challenge winning x180R.

TV personality (www.speedtv.com) Alain de Cadenet and guest speakers take the stage to give us a glimpse into the mind and character of Colin Chapman. While most known for his "Victory by Design" shows, Alain is an accomplished builder and driver of numerous cars and titles. You also may recognize him by his appearances on the Barrett-Jackson TV auctions.

Sunday's activities feature an autocross, a local road rally and an evening banquet. Monday will be our exciting track experience at historic Woody Creek Raceway, a mere few miles from the hotel.

Come for the LOG and stay for the memorable family vacation at special LOG lodging rates from $95.00 per night. The special rates are good for as long as you want to stay before or after the LOG. We have lots of activities planned for family member that may not be as car crazy as we are, so they can be doing memorable things while we play with our Lotuses.

Plan on attending whether or not you are bringing your Lotus. Exotic Car Transport is able to provide a very attractive rate for those who want to have the fun at Aspen, without fighting the trip from home to the LOG. Estimated cost is $1,500USD with some size and location restrictions. You will regret not bringing your car, I can guarantee that. The Aspen airport is only 7 miles from the LOG hotel.

If you want to get the flavor of what to expect, go to www.log27.com and view the video. Check the site often to see the most up to date information. Any questions, comments or suggestions please let us know!


So I'm walking through Bangkok today and
From the Lotus Esprit forum

I run across an Esprit Sport 300, Esprit SE high-wing, Ferrari Testarossa, Lambo Gallardo and other super cars all parked together – turns out I just ran across fellow fourm member Patpong and some of his friends about to take off on a "spirited" drive in Bangkok! What are the odds of this happening!

It was great meeting everyone and I'm looking forward to seeing Patpong and his wife in L.A. soon! The Asian Lotus tour continues next with Esprithk in Hong Kong!

Paul (97 V8)
The OC California

If you're not a member of the Lotus Esprit forum, you could be missing out! In fact we are pretty sure you are! Join up, it's FREE


EVO Magazine needs Esprit
Exmoor Shoot, December 11-12

Evo Magazine are looking for an early-90s Esprit Turbo (charge-cooler model) to feature in the next issue of evo. There would be some road driving involved but no performance testing or track work. Evo would insure the car. They'll also pay for fuel, food and accommodation, and you'd get a nice set of prints of the car after the feature's been published. The story is happening next Monday and Tuesday (Dec 11 and 12) on Exmoor.

If you've ever fancied seeing your pride and joy immortalised in print, please drop Peter at Evo a line at petert@evo.co.uk.


Sad News from Lotus
Top Engineer and Esprit Expert Retires

Lotus engineer Geoff Davidson will be retiring on 20th December 2006. This is a big loss to Lotus and the Esprit community, as Geoff has a wealth of knowledge that cannot be replaced. We've been dealing with Geoff for a few years now and he's proved to be a top guy. Many of you have met Geoff and I'm sure you all agree what a great guy he is. We wish him well in his retirement and will try and coax him to a few meetings if we can.


Time to Vote Esprit
Give the Esprit your support in Bond car vote!

This poll is now running to vote for the best Bond car.


This poll is obviously tipped in the Aston's favour, as for some unknown reason there's no White Esprit S1 (unthinkable). So it's time for all Esprit owners to vote and show the world how strong the Esprit brand is. Even without a white Esprit S1, the Esprit is the best Bond car.



NMEG Xmas Bash
Get in for the last hoon of the year!

The North Midland Esprit Group (NMEG) throws out an invitation to all Esprit owners no matter where you might be based to come and join us for an Anniversary bash on Sunday 10th December 2006. Other Lotus kit is warmly welcome too.

The programme will see us meeting at the Gingerbread Man public house car park in Market Drayton Shropshire at 10.00am with a view to setting off at around 10.30am.

From Market Drayton, we'll be making our way to Telford. First stop will be the Princess Royal Hospital to drop off the presents you've brought along with you for the kids that'll be hospital bound on Christmas Day. Don't forget to write the age and gender of the intended recipient on any gift tag. Any bottles of spirit should be handed to me personally for safe keeping. We're hoping the press will be along to record the moment.

Then its off to lunch at the Lamb at Edgmond. The Lamb need some idea of numbers so would all potential attendees please either e-mail me at graham@alcocks.me.uk or add their names to the thread at www.glcforum.com/esprit/forums.

Once we've eaten and rested we'll make our way back home.

This will almost certainly be our last hoon of the year so let's make it a good 'un. The more the merrier. Yo-ho-ho.



Lotus Esprit World Official Calendar 2007
Time to get them on the wall or on the desk
Finally the Esprit Calendar every owner wants for Christmas is now on sale at the E-Shop. If you're already got yours, it's time to get it out, as December is upon us and the LEW Calendars start December 2006. Wall Calendars are £15 + p&p and CD Calendars are £8 + p&p. You can also get a deal on purchasing both.

Order Here

Reduced Postage
We are now offering postage without insurance to reduce the cost further. Please check your payment before sending to insure you pay for the postage you require.

Please email us if you have any doubt on how to order or what to pay.

A special members price is available to all 'current' ClubLEW which can be found in the discount section on the club website. Just pay as normal, just a bit less!


News from November 2006

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