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November 2006

Xmas is coming for Esprit Owners
Even when the Esprits away, you can still get your fix.

For those new to Lotus Esprit World, Christmas doesn't have to be Espritless. With darker, colder, wetter days, you may not get out in the Esprit as much. Get the perfect Xmas present at our E-Shop as a winter cure for you. Including books, dvds, calendars, mugs, pens and much more!

So don't waste your money on socks and wooly jumpers. Get something from the E-Shop!


LEW is more popular than we thought!
Miss count on our counter!

Having a bit of down time, which is unusual for us. We started lroning out a few of our little problems with the set-up of our website. Checking out the prices for running the site we realised that www.esprit4sale.co.uk was breaking it's bandwidth towards the end of the month and we were being fined (which we've experienced before).

So we decided to check the useage of the site to see why it was using up so much bandwidth. The counter we set-up, like the one on the home page, wasn't working. Checking the data collected by our ISP, we discovered the site got 3,406 unique visitor last week, 13,412 unique visitors in October and has already had 12,576 in November! Nearly 25,000 page hits a month! This year alone the site has had 135,439 unique visitors!

That got us thinking, as the main site www.lotusespritworld.com counter was running around 650,000 after six years, so we check the data again from the ISP. We found that the main site was getting 16,000 unique visitors a week! Not the 3-4,000 we thought, 62,000 a month and from January to November over 800,000 people had visited the site. Totalling up the figures since we moved the site in May 2004. LEW has had nearly 2 million unique visitors.

Now we know LEW is the best site on the web, but with only 10,000 cars made, these figures are very impressive. We decide to check out the counter that had been running since day one, which is run with a free software, to see why they thought only 650,000 people had hit on the home page. Turns out it was set-up to just record www.lotusespritworld.co.uk not both the .co.uk and .com! Also it only record hits to the home page. So people going directly to pages were missed. It also turns out that their figures are quite a bit less per week, with 3,500 by them for .co.uk and 5,300 by our ISP which hosts the site.

So we reckons Lotus Esprit World alone gets around 16,000 unique visitors a week and 65,000 a month! Esprit 4 Sale getting around 13,000 a month and even ClubLEW is getting 1,500 a month!

That's a lot of Esprit owners and Enthusiast logging-on! Seems we may have to move the sale site to keep up with demand! Great news for LEW, Esprit Owners and the mark in general.

Remember these figures are unique visitors, a visitors is counted only when bringing up more than one page and taking no longer than 30 minutes between individual pages. So make sure you don't just visit one page and go!


Lotus Esprit Parts Manuals
LEW and Lotus hook up to bring you the Official Parts Lists Online!

LEW and Lotus Cars Ltd have joined up to trial the release of the Official Esprit Parts Lists online. We hope to make all the lists available in time. To start with we have the 1980-87 Turbo Esprit Parts List online in pdf format. This is available to ClubLEW members on the members only site under the Articles section.


As soon as we get more manuals released, we'll tell you here!

We'd like to thank Lotus Cars Ltd for their continued support of Esprit Owners and the access to valueable information on the Lotus Esprit.


1976-1980 Esprit Wheel Bearing Kits
Free! Just paid Postage or pick-up

I have three box's of what we think are QH front wheel bearing kits for an early Lotus Esprit. Part number is QWB285. If they are of use they are free to anyone who wants to collect them or pay for postage. They are in QH box's and the part number quotes Lotus Esprit 2.0 Front 1976-1980.

David Greenhalgh
Tel: +44 (0)208 646 1110/ +44 (0)7711 186745(Mobile)
Fax: +44 (0)208 646 1600
Email: david.greenhalgh@airservicesuk.com
Web: www.airservicesuk.com


Lotus Price Hold from Stoneleigh SALE

Lotus are still offering the sale prices from Stoneleigh which includes over 60 original Esprit Parts at amazing prices (see pdf of available parts below).

To order any part from the list, just email what you want to Aidan at the factory on acoughlan@lotuscars.co.uk. He'll arrange to have it delivered to your closest Lotus dealer for you to collect at the sale price (UK only). For those of you not in the UK, Aidan will advise the best way of getting the parts to you.

Please remember to wait for the pdf to load. It will take a couple of minutes and will look like nothings happening.
Any problems, email and we can send you the pdf.




Finally, the Esprit Manual Steering Racks are back in stock. Just £175 + p&p.


These are genuine Brand new Lotus Elise Radiators for just £120 + p&p.


These are perfect fitting ! £42.75 + p&p.


Also available in stock Elise K&N Replacement Panel Filters @ £35 + p&p.

Other spares in stock – please call Geoff on 01725 514 449 with your requirements.


Lotus Parts – Past & Present
16th – 20th January 2007

Lotus Aftersales are having a sale of parts, for all models, past and present. We expect interest to be high, so be ready to spring into action and wind your way to Bristol for an opportunity not to be missed. If there's anything left after the event, you'll be able to order from the Aftersales area of our website for delivery to your nearest dealer.

Lotus Parts Distribution Centre
Units 1-3 Crowley Way
BS11 9YR

LEW will have a list of available parts and prices nearer the time.


This Week at LEW
We have very limited web access for this coming week. So email my take a few days to be answered and updates will be less frequent. We should be back to normal from 20th November.


Coterie Press are publishers of fine quality motoring literature featuring many automotive marques such as Lotus. We have in our collection over 12 titles representing Lotus including racing driver profiles on; Ayrton Senna, Ronnie Peterson and Elio De Angelis. For literature, posters, prints and many other Lotus branded items go to www.coteriepress.com For a FREE 2007 catalogue email us at coterieltd@aol.com


ESPRITism.com, although not live on the web yet will be making its first appearance at the NAC Lotus Parts Festival this Sunday. ESPRITism.com will be offering a selection of used and new parts, exclusively for the Esprit. A full list and details will appear on the web at the end of the year, but for now we have a haul of parts for the Esprit (from S3 to V8) to bring along to the show on Sunday.

Highlights include LC Turbo pistons, brake callipers, seat and door card set, headlamp motors, ABS modulator, wheels, glass, gearshift kits, ESPRITism.comT shirts (for gents and ladies) and much much more.

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.



Hagerty International Classic Car Insurance offers the most comprehensive classic car policy in the UK (as agreed by the Advertising Standards Authority). Hagerty understands the need from their classic car clients to provide the best service and classic car products available for this niche marketplace.

We do not handle any other insurance products such as household or travel insurance. We are therefore well placed to offer the best premium rates for the most comprehensive policy and service available.

One point which may also interest your members is that U.K and European breakdown recovery is also available on our policies at a really competitive price. Our service guarantees a flat bed recovery so your members Esprits will not be pulled along behind a recovery truck!

Call us today on
08700 420 940 or 08700 420 220

Alternatively visit our website and click on our “Policy Features” page to read more about Hagerty’s outstanding benefits!


Lotus @ Stoneleigh
We've had confirmation that Lotus Cars Ltd will be attending the ClubLotus Parts Fair at Stoneleigh this Sunday. Worth coming along to see what they're up to!


Esprit Heater Panels
Someone (can't find their email) couldn't get through to order the Esprit heater panels advertised in the E-Shop. This problem has now been sorted and emails will now get through and orders can be made.


Stoneleigh Parts Fair 2004
12th November 2006

The parts fair will be held on Sunday 12th November 2006 from 10.30am until 4pm at the same location as last year. Put it in your diaries and make sure you're there as the gathering is normally the last of the year. This is Annual Lotus parts Fair, with more Lotus parts available and clothing than any other meeting in the UK.

Maps here for the venue:

This is one we always attend as a meet for us Esprit lot (using the parts Fair as a focal point). We all meet near the venue here, then drive to the show.

The Porridge Pot
Stratford Road
Warwickshire CV34 6RA


Look to arrive at the Porridge Pot between 9-9.30am for departure at 10am. There is also a proposed meal after the fair, which is being arranged on the LEF. Please check out the thread for more details.



ClubLEW Email Errors.
The following email address of ClubLEW members are bouncing. Can these members please email ClubLEW with a valid email address.



WANTED – Stereo Manuals
Looking for all manuals for Blaupunkt Bamberg US Electronics AM/FM/Cassette that is in my 1977 Esprit S1 (federal Spec).

Ron Maki, Michigan, USA
E-Mail: maki126@comcast.net
Tel: 8106555606



Lotus Esprit World Official Calendar 2007
Now on Sale at the E-Shop
Finally the Esprit Calendar every owner wants for Christmas is now on sale at the E-Shop. We've reduced the price again this year. So in 2007 you'll be better off than last year. Wall Calendars are £15 + p&p and CD Calendars are £8 + p&p. You can also get a deal on purchasing both.

Order Here

LEW will be posting out Calendars every Monday, so once you've ordered and received an email confirmation, your calendar should be in the post the following Monday. If ordering by post, please give your email address so we can send confirmation of your order. If you have any queries please email first. The first orders will be dispatched on 13th November 2006.

Reduced Postage
We are now offering postage without insurance to reduce the cost further. Please check your payment before sending to insure you pay for the postage you require.

Please email us if you have any doubt on how to order or what to pay.

A special members price is available to all 'current' ClubLEW which can be found in the discount section on the club website. Just pay as normal, just a bit less!


News from October 2006

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