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October 2006



Lotus Suspension fitted to LEW's Esprit
Review coming soon
The New Springs & Dampers have just been fitted to LEW's Esprit by Lotus Engineering. We will be retrieving our Esprit next week in time for the ClubLotus Parts Fair at Stoneleigh. Once we've done a few miles, we'll be reviewing the new stuff to see if it's worth spending your hard earnt cash on. From what we've heard so far, from other owners who took part in the testing, it's makes an amazing difference. We look forward to finding out.

You can also see the new Monstor 6 calipers we have just fitted from PNM Engineering. Will be doing a guide and review on those soon. We also have the 4-pot calipers for the rears to fit! Should give us ample breaking ability!

Parts bulletin released to Lotus Dealers, Nov 06
Lotus is pleased to announce that a comprehensive development programme between Lotus, Bilstein and Eibach, has resulted in a rationalised range of road springs and dampers now being available for Esprit models from 1985 onwards. The new Bilstein dampers are supplied only in axle pairs, and are complete with eye bushes, removable lower spring seats and spindle dust cover.

It is recommended that for optimum dynamic performance and balance, the new dampers are fitted in complete vehicle sets. The spring seats supplied with the dampers are tailored to the new Eibach spring internal diameter of 81mm. If the original 76mm i/d rear springs are to be fitted on the new dampers, new 76mm seats may be ordered in addition, under part number LOTAC05449.

* All dampers and springs are supplied in pairs.
* Good quality spring compressor clamps are required for spring/damper assembly.
* Recommended to fit as complete vehicle set.
* If retaining old rear springs, order in addition modified spring lower seat LOTAC05449 (supplied singly).
* Damper bodies are machined with two grooves for the lower spring seat circlip. Use the top groove for standard ride height.
* Fit the dust shield to the damper before assembling the spring and (original) top plate.
* Where tapered front springs are used, the smaller diameter is uppermost


Ordering the 'New' Lotus Suspension
ClubLEW Members can get 5% off at SWLC
Just a reminder, those Esprit owners who wish to purchase the new Lotus Suspension, it's now available. ClubLEW Sponsors, SWLC are ready to take orders and will ship worldwide. ClubLEW members can also get their 5% discount on parts on the new suspension.

Early reviews are very favourable indeed and with LEW's Esprit currently being fitted with the new gear, we'll have a review in the next few weeks. For those attending Stoneleigh, our Esprit should be there, fully fitted with the new springs and dampers. Come and have a look. You can also ask SWLC to bring your suspension kits to Stoneleigh to save on postage. Remember to order early to avoid disappointment.


Emails to LEW
Lots of Junk Mail coming in :-(
Lotus Esprit World is currently receiving over 100 junk mails everyday! Our Junk filter is working pretty well at present, but there is a chance your emails could get lost in this glut of junk mail. We do reply to every email sent to us with regard to the Esprit. If you don't receive a reply within one week, please email us again, as it could have been lost in all the junk.


Lotus Suspension
Now Available!
The New Springs & Dampers (like all other Lotus parts & accessories) are available through any Lotus Dealer worldwide.
The Lotus Web site (www.lotuscars.co.uk) has a Worldwide Dealer Locator that identifies the approved Lotus outlets.

The New Dampers are now in stock for both V8 and 4 Cyl. cars.

The New Springs are available for most cars from 1985 onwards (except for Sport 300 & Sport 350 which we are still awaiting).

Not every variant of spring is available on the new list but we have information on what can be used in its place. (It would be impossible to find a supplier to produce new springs for every variant as quantities are so small) The New Dampers can be used with the old springs. The only thing that is needed is a different rear spring platform and Lotus can supply them if needed.


Do you have an old GT3 Muffler
Old for New!
Lotus are after a used GT3 Muffler for some engineering work. Ideally if someone has a used one lying about they would take that. Lotus might want to cut it up. So they will replace it with a brand new one. The Part No. is A082S6055F (fitted to all GT3's). Lotus would arrange to pick it up and drop off a new one.

So if you're interested in swapping an old GT3 muffler for a new one and helping out Lotus Engineering. email admin@lotusespritworld.com. First come, First Served!

Update: Keith Barnes has come forward and is talking to Lotus at present with regard to this issue.


Lotus Suspension Update
Now Available

Lotus Cars are pleased to advise that following intensive engineering development work, new Bilstein dampers and Eibach springs will soon be available for your Esprit. Damper development is concluded, please find below the details. These dampers can be
used with your existing springs.

Work on the Eibach springs is due to be concluded later this month. All springs and dampers are supplied in pairs (not assembled as springs/dampers) prices shown are also per pair.

All are available with the exception of Sport 350/300 springs, (6 weeks delay) for these two variants clients will have no option but to buy springs and dampers for their initially requirements, new dampers will not fit with old springs.


LEF Factory Day
9th October 2006
The Factory Day was a great success, as was the Sunday trip into Great Yarnmouth and the charity auction, which raised £3,500. We'll have a report of the day soon, but you can see some pictures on the forum if you can't wait.

For more details and full reports/pictures after the event, please visit www.lotusespritforum.com


Contacting LEW
By phone
As we are a internet based company, we are not set-up for phone calls and cannot deliver a reliable service. Please email before calling, as we can resond promptly to any enquires.


Lotus Suspension Update
by Alan Tong, Esprit S4s
October 2006

Yesterday I visited the factory to collect my S4s complete with the new Ebach springs and Bilstein dampers. Having now emptied a full tank of fuel trying them out :-) its time to report on my first impressions. (see more here)

First of all some background, as part of the development program Lotus wanted to ensure that they had baseline to compare to. To do this they fitted my car initially with brand new suspension of the original design (ie springs and dampers that were effectively designed 30 years ago) and set the car up exactly as the day it left the factory. This was a few months ago and to be honest it was a revelation. When the Esprit is set up (by experts) exactly as it left the factory it is truly superb. Like most owners my suspension was a few years old (the original suspension wears very quickly) and had not been set up properly. I can not stress enough how important this is - the Esprit suspension is very sensitive to alignment / setup and unless its done properly, whilst its still good it does not hit the sweet spot. As an example before any alignment work is done the car should be loaded up with weights to simulate the weight of a driver, passenger and half a tank of fuel. When I have had any suspension / wheel alignment done in the past (other than at Lotus...) this was not done and as a result the alignment was wrong.

Anyway, the reason for explaining the above is to highlight that when I got my car back yesterday I was comparing the new suspension to "old" suspension that was working and setup perfectly. What I had expected is that the new suspension would be very similar to the old, but due to the more modern design would stay within that sweet spot of superb handling for much longer - hopefully years.

I am pleased to say that the new suspension was much better than I expected, so far I have only been able to drive on the road not try the absolute limits but this is what I have found so far....

The first thing I noticed is the ride quality, its much smoother and soaks up the minor variations in the road better. I live at the end of a track about 1/2 mile long which is not very smooth, this stops me getting up much of a speed as the car bounces around too much (on one side there is a river, and the other a drainage ditch...). With the new suspension it honestly felt like someone had resurfaced the road. Dont worry that they have just made the suspension softer, its not when you push through a bend, nor has it lost the feel and feedback through the steering - you can still feel for example when you have driven over a small pebble on the road. Its difficult to explain - it just soaks up small variations in the road better.

Probably related to the above, on the way to work I have to stop at a t junction where the road has a couple of big pot holes. This always caught out the ABS as I go over the pot holes 9 time out of 10 the ABS cuts in just when you dont want / need it. This morning the ABS did not cut in so I turned round and tried again - it still did not kick in.

At high speeds, changes in direction seem more stable. In tight bends the suspension actually feels stiffer than the old and gives more confidence. Somehow they have made the suspension more sporty when you want it, yet the car has less noise / vibration when just running along a normal road. For me this makes the car better as a daily driver, it handles better when you want some fun yet is less tiring to drive over long distances. This to pretty neat trick and shows firstly what a good job they have done and secondly how much spring / damper technology has improved over the years.

I guess the real question is should you buy the new suspension. If you need to replace your suspension then the question is a no brainer - the new Lotus suspension is about the same price as the old suspension and having seen the work Lotus have put into the development program you are kidding yourself that aftermarket suspension is going to be as good. Lotus do know a thing or two about suspension....

What if your suspension is OK, is it worth upgrading? This is a more difficult question to answer and I think it depends on whether you plan to keep the car for a few years. My argument is that the old suspension does not last for many years, whilst the new being of a modern design will last much longer. For this reason if you are planning on keeping your car for a few years then the chances are that you will have to change the suspension anyway, surely it makes sense to do this sooner rather than later as you will then have full benefit from the improved suspension which should last for many years. Bear in mind most of us are driving around on slightly worn suspension that is not set up properly, the change you will experience going to the new suspension will be even MORE impressive than I have noticed.

If you do go for the new suspension then please think carefully about who is going to fit it for you - once again I can not stress enough that it needs to be set up by someone who knows what they are doing otherwise the benefits will not be seen. One thing I have not mentioned in this rambling post is that the new suspension has two options for height, I have set mine to the standard height, I think the other setting is 15mm lower (need to check this).

I will be at the factory day on Monday so will have put on a few more miles by then, if anyone wants to look at the new suspension (the yellow colour of the dampers looks good if your car is norfold mustard!) or drive it around to see how it feels (if practical) then let me know on the day.


Unknown payee!
Is it you that's paid us?
We've received a paypal payment from Clare Russell on 1st October that has no details with it. We don't know what it's for, or who it's for. If you asked Clare Russell to pay us for something, please get intouch. We're email the paypal address, but have had no reply.

If you make a payment to LEW, please either attach a note to the paypal payment or follow up with an email. We can deal with your order much quicker this way.


LEW's New Engine
We get a rebuild of our SE engine, plus a little more!
As some of you know, we've been having lots of work done on our SE over the past few months. This is one of the main reason's we are selling the G-Turbo. Work has now been completed and we are currently running in our newly rebuilt engine. As we are LEW, we've had a few little extra bits done!

Guides are being put together at presents for the site to show you what we've done. But don't expect a guide to rebuilting your engine. That needs to be left to the experts. Our Esprit will be at the LEF Factory Day on 9th October for those that want a little look. Unlikely to have been fully run-in by then and they'll be a few things left to finish off, but you'll get to see the hear the new engine.

So it's a busy time for LEW. We've got all our own work to document, the Factory Day and charity run this weekend and Stoneleigh just around the corner!


Buyers Market!
Lots of Esprits for Sale
Seems since the summer it's become a buyers markets. Here at LEW we've seen lots of Esprit being advertised for sale, with fewer Esprit being confirmed as sold. Seems the power is with the buyer at present, although price seems to have settled a little, which is good.

There's some great Esprits for sale at the moment, including our 1984 Turbo and a 2003 V8 with only 1,200 miles on! Although you'll need £40k to become it's owner. If you're looking for an Esprit, now's the time!


News from September 2006

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