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September 2006

Ian Rosser
Email issues
Ian, your email address of IMR@ycoastco.ac.uk doesn't seem to be liked by our email server and we can't reply to your questions. Please email us with an alternative address so we can reply.


2007 Official Calendar
Coming Soon
This years (for next year) calendar is due to be printed next week. Same format as before, with both wall and desktop calendars being available. This year ClubLEW members will get a big discount on their calendars and we are trying to reduce postage costs on all calendars. Calendars should be available around the middle of October in limited numbers.

We are proud to say both PNM Engineering and PUK Esprit Racing have agreed to continue to sponsor the Wall and Desktop calendars respectively. We'd also like to thank everyone who submitted a picture for the Calendar.


LEF Factory Day
9th October 2006
Thanks to the kindness of Lotus Cars Ltd, Mike Kimberley and the organisation of Tony Kimberley, this October sees 200 Esprit owners/fans visit the Hethel Factory for a day of fun, learning and driving around the track! Prior to this they will be involved in a series of major fundraising events in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care involved a parade of cars to Great Yarmouth and Auction of Promises including gifts such as an entire days driver training at Lotus Cars, lunch and a blast in a Ford GT-40, Esprit models/books signed by MJK and Roger Becker and so on.

For more details and full reports/pictures after the event, please visit www.lotusespritforum.com


Jack Knight UN1 gearbox upgrades
JK goes into administration
Jack Knight developments who were making UN1 gearbox upgrades for the Esprit, have just gone into administration, eventually leading to liquidation I am told.

This is very frustrating and disappointing as JKD had been making high performance gear kits for British sports cars since the 50's, they seemed a natural choice as maker of the upgrade. I (Derek Bell) had no knowledge of the impending collapse or any control over the situation, in fact I only found out after the event when I visited them on the off chance when in the area.

I have recovered all the gearboxes there that I could find, but will anyone who has submitted a gearbox or money recently to JKD, please contact me by email (derekbell@bell-performance.co.uk) as soon as possible so I can update you.

I am sorry for any problems this has caused, I was only trying to help keep the Esprit on the road as the supply of Lotus UN1's was drying up due to high power breakages, that was what Lotus told me.

Derek Bell


Press Release on Lotus's Future
Esprit Delayed until 2009

Group Lotus is set for a bright future with a greatly expanded and extended car model programme and new opportunities for the engineering business on a re-aligned basis. Following a major review of the entire business and with the full support of the Lotus Group International Limited (LGIL) holding company board, Lotus intends to launch two additional new models over the next three years. This is in addition to the new Esprit, which will top the range as the company’s future flagship sports car.

The two additional models will be a new mid-range Lotus set for launch in December 2008 and a Lotus/Proton high-performance model, due in May 2008. The flagship Esprit replacement, whose introduction has been extended to incorporate more Lotus “DNA” and other enhancements to meet the changing needs of the global marketplace, will be unveiled in December 2009.

The review also highlighted opportunities for growth in the engineering consultancy business, including expansion in new markets, joint ventures and strategic alliances. Mike Kimberley, Chief Executive Officer, Group Lotus said: “We are very pleased to have secured LGIL Board approval for a high-level five-year strategic business plan – the first such approved plan that this company has had in the last six years. We have some great opportunities ahead of us and some already under way. It’s a very bright future but we have to work hard to bring all the opportunities to fruition.”

The current Lotus model range includes the award-winning and class-leading Elise and Exige with the recently-introduced Europa S. The three new models, all to be sold through the Lotus dealer network, will address new market segments and allow Lotus to extend its appeal to a wider customer base. Development work on two of the three new models is already ongoing and will increase significantly in future months.

Responding to a general economic downturn in certain key markets, Lotus has recently reduced production of its iconic Elise and Exige models. It also expects to ‘right-size’ its workforce to match capacity with global demand and to minimise overheads.

Mike Kimberley concluded “Like many other carmakers we need to tighten our belts in the short term. It is essential we respond fast to market conditions while we drive forward this exciting long-term plan. Our shareholder Proton has been and is very supportive of Group Lotus plc, with strong backing for our realignment plans.


Lotus Cars Ltd Inner Headlamp
Update as old unit finish

As the expensive convex headlamp has now gone out of production and will not be remanufactured. The boys in Lotus' Engineering department have been hard at work getting something sorted for all the Esprits who need headlamps! There's been a few independents who have come up with something similar over the past couple of years, mainly due to the cost of the lamp. But now Lotus have created an OEM part available through your local Lotus Dealership.

The inner headlamp unit is now available and in stock at Lotus' Parts in Bristol. The part number is A082M5129J and is complete with fitting kit attached. The new lamp has a concave lens, the old convex. Lamp clearance in the pod is marginal and may need some local fettling. The cost is £76.14

Pictures above are of Lotus' engineering Esprit with the lamps installed. Nice to see Lotus are continuing to support Esprit owners.


CAT Driver Training
In association with Hangar 111

Hangar 111 Ltd in association with CAT Driver Training would like to announce a brand new series of Performance Driver 'Track' Day courses. Working with founder and chief instructor at CAT, Colin Hoad, CAT have compiled a training course that will cover all aspects of vehicle control at Europe's foremost vehicle testing facility – Millbrook.

Millbrook takes your breath away from the moent you arrive. The multitude of courses on offer makes you eager to start exploring this unique location in the Bedfordshire countryside.

Featuring 5 unique circuits, this training course has been designed to teach the driver the techniques required for performance driving on the road or on track.Each circuit starts with a group demonstration in a saloon car with a CAT instructor. Individuals will then move into their own vehicles for a personally coached driving experience.

The days learning is then consolidated by returning to the Handling Circuit to advance skills practiced in readiness for an end of day timed 'Shoot Out'.

The Performance Driver Track Day Event
provides a maximum of 10 drivers with:

• Saturday evening presentation on Vehicle Dynamics & Advanced Driving
• Car and driving related quiz on Saturday
• A la carte evening meal with soft drink refreshments
• 1 night local B&B or Travelodge accommodation
• A full day experience from 08.30 – 18.00 on Sunday
• Professional in-car tuition
• Access to drive 5 unique circuits at the Millbrook Proving Ground
• Driving the Lotus Elise, Ford Mondeo, Subaru Impreza & Vauxhall Corsa
• Mechanical support from a professional race engineer
• Lunch and refreshments during the day
• Timed final 'Shoot out' in track prepared Subaru Impreza
• Full emergency services on hand all day
• Exclusive facilities
• Fastest Time of the Day 'Shoot out' prizes andd presentation

Non-drivers are welcome to attend, however there will be an additional charge for lunch and evening meal/accommodation. Due to the nature of the vehicle development that takes place at Millbrook, cameras and camera phones will not be permitted on site.

Price for this event is £425 per driver

Available Dates
Saturday 7th - Sunday 8th October
Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th October
Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th October

To book a place on one of these very special events please call CAT Driver training direct on:

01234 757633
(Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)


Monster 6's Coming Soon
New 6-pot calipers ready to fit

LEW's SE will be getting another brake upgrade. Our front 4-pot calipers are being upgraded to 6-pot calipers, again from HiSpec. With new hubs, discs and pads as well, it should improve our braking just a little. The front brakes are ready to go on and will be fitted in the next couple of weeks.

To follow them we have some 4-pot rears on their way. Which will take us a world away from the original SE set-up. 10-pots per side is a lot of stopping power! Details of both kits will be make available once they are fitted and tested.

The new Lotus suspension should be fitted to our SE not long after, so there should be a whole new feel to our Esprit. We're looking forward to it!


SWLC Open Day
Saturday 30th September 2006

Just heard SWLC have secured two racing car simulators for the open day with Lotus challange and Gran tourismo 4. They will also have a Aston Martin DB9 on show with the 1961 Corvette they are restoring and also a S4 baby Elan. Also they'll have three 2.2 NA Esprit's for sale.

Open Day Special Offers on TOYO tyres
on the day prices are:

TOYO T1-R Every day tyre

235/40 17 RRP £96.95+VAT OUR PRICE £82.00+VAT
285/35 18 RRP £175.95+VAT OUR PRICE £150.00+VAT
295/35 18 RRP £179.95+VAT OUR PRICE £155.00+VAT

215/40 17 RRP £79.95+VAT OUR PRICE £63.00+VAT
245/45 17 RRP £117.95+VAT OUR PRICE £105.00+VAT

TOYO R888 Road Legal Slicks

235/40 17 RRP £153.18+VAT OUR PRICE £125.00+VAT
285/35 18 RRP £161.69+VAT OUR PRICE £140.00+VAT
295/35 18 RRP £187.69+VAT OUR PRICE £145.00+VAT

215/45 17 RRP £126.80+VAT OUR PRICE £100.00+VAT
255/40 17 RRP £160.84+VAT OUR PRICE £130.00+VAT

All these tyres need to be pre ordered so not to miss out.

See you all there!

South West Lotus Centre Ltd
Tinhay Industrial Estate
PL16 0AH


LEW Relocated
LEW now based in both London and Bedford

LEW now has a base in London, which it will be working out of alongside Bedford. Anything that require attention quickly should be sent to the London address. Having been in London (Wapping to be exact) for a week or two we haven't seen one Esprit. But, we have seen three Lamborghini's (one D, one G and one M), four Ferrari's and four Aston Martin's! Seems the Esprit is either too rare or not expenisve enough!


SWLC Open Day
Saturday 30th September 2006

South West Lotus Centre Ltd invites you to their OPEN DAY on 30th September 2006 from 10am to 4pm. Lotus Esprit World will be attending this year and showing off something a little special. So don't miss out. We look forward to seeing plenty of Esprit owners come down to support our Club sponsors.

• Special Offers on Parts
• Large Stock of Wheels & Tyres
• Massive Clothing Stock including Lotus Sport
• Selection of Lotus & Japanese Import Vehicles for Sale
• Refreshments
• Limited Space for Workshop Services – please book in advance
• Club Lotus – Cornwall & Devon


News from August 2006

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