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July 2007

Lotus Body Parts Sale
Items added from the Bristol Sale
Below there is an excel file with a list of Body parts (Esprit not human) and chassis Lotus would dearly love to find homes for. Lotus are looking to make some space and are looking to sell these parts by the end of Sept. We have been informed that any decent offers will be considered. Theres about 47 different Esprit parts and not too many of each, so be quick!

Items included in this sale are:

• Chassis
• Engine Covers
• Door Shells
• Headlamp Pods
• Centre Console Mouldings
• Body parts (Half Full Rear, Half mid front etc)

Of course 1st come, 1st served, all via nearest dealer.

Due to the size of the bits a deliver charge is likely or collection from Bristol can be made by arrangement.

It's a deal, It's a steal, It's sale of the Centuary!

Email Aidan at the factory (acoughlan@lotuscars.co.uk) if you want any of the bits left from the sale. Read more about the sale here.

Right-Click here to download Excel file


Group Lotus Club day at Hethel
23rd September 2007 @ Hethel, Norfolk
Tickets for Lotus' Celebration of 40 Years of Production at Hethel are now available to purchase from the Lotus Webstore.


Looking forward to a great day on 23rd September - let's hope the weather improves before then!


Manual Steering Racks
From Esprit Engineering
Esprit Engineering has now got in a batch of new steering racks for the Esprit Manual racks they are £200 each.


Lotus Sale - Parts & Price list Update
More parts for sale from Lotus in July 2007
Quite a few Esprit parts and lots of bits fro the Citroen gearbox. Email Aidan at the factory (acoughlan@lotuscars.co.uk) if you want any of these parts from this new sale.

Right-Click here to download Excel file


NMEG Logo Competition
Design the NMEG Logo and win a Lotus Watch

NMEG are looking for someone to design a logo for them. The logo will be used for a car sticker and also NMEG stationary so please bear this in mind when you get cracking on your designs. It's also got to be fairly economical to produce/print so nothing involving complex colours or gold leaf please!

All entries are to be emailed to LEF at NMEG Competition by the 22nd of August and will be judged shortly after then. The judges decision is final etc and by entering you agree to pass all copyright to LEF, there will be no future royalties/fees payable for use of your design. Read more on the LEF here.

This prize has been very generously donated by Ian Garrett of Nick Whale Sportcars so a huge, huge thanks to them.


Sherbourne Castle Motor Show
July 2007
The Esprit was represented at the Sherbourne Castle Motor show with Malcolms Azure Blue S4s. Seems he might have parked in the wrong section! Still turned a few heads!


NMEG @ Nick Whale Sportscars
22nd July 2007
Lotus dealership Nick Whale, has kindly agreed to open its doors for NMEG this Sunday and in addition to showing us around their excellent facilities, will provide us with refreshments all "on the house".

The Meet is still on, despite the weathers attempts to stop us. Please meet at Hilton Park at 9.30am leaving at 10.00am and make our way on to the M5 to pick up members from Frankley Services. Then its a quick blast to the Dealership which is on the A38 in Bromsgrove. We're intending to arrive by 10.30am and hopefully we'll be there till lunch.

Afterwards the journey home might be via Kidderminster/Bridgnorth and Telford, but this will be firmed up nearer the time.
To help Nick Whale plan their catering budget (2 packets of crisps or 3?) we need to have an idea of numbers. Please add your name to this thread (Esprit Events) if you intend joining us. Remember, you don't have to be a "member" of NMEG to come along and play. It helps if you drive an Esprit though.

This is the first time that Nick Whale has opened its doors on a Sunday and the first time it's invited NMEG so lets make the most of the opportunity". With over 20 Esprits already confirmed, it should be a good day!


2008 Calendar Photo's
It's that time again!
The time as come again for onwers to submit their photo's for the 2008 Calendar. We also need to gauge interest, as we aren't certain it will be produced this year, as sales have been falling and costs keep going up. To express your opinion on the 2008 Calendar please visit the LEF and post on the following thread which has a poll.

2008 Calendar thread

As for submitting images, please make sure they are high resolution. This means that they either need to be large in size or have a high resolution. Any digital cameras need to be set to it's highest settings for size and resolution. Each picture normally comes to about 1mb. We cannot use low-res picutres, as at the size they will be printed, they will look very poor.

Please send any images to admin@lotusespritworld.com we are looking for any Esprit related images, so parts of your vehicle can be submitted and edited images. So get those camera's clicking.


Esprit GT1 update
News update on the GT1 replica
Follow the ongoings of the GT1 replica!


Esprit Forum show what's possible
Lotus Esprit Forum help out a fellow owner
The BigSi LEF Story has been featured on pistonheads and the home page of the BBC website. You can read all about it here:


www.news.bbc.co.uk (main story - www.news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/south_east/6292354.stm )


Lotus in the capital
London Lotus Opens on Park Lane
Lotus Cars Ltd launched its latest dealership today (5th July) located in the prestigious surroundings of Park Lane, London.
The dealership is holding an open day which includes charity events and a fully stocked showroom of Lotus cars, complete with the GT3 Concept and Lotus’ latest offering - the 2-Eleven.

At 5:30 pm, Mike Kimberley CEO of Group Lotus Plc will formally open the showroom accompanied by celebrities, VIP’s and key exclusive guests of Lotus and London Lotus.

Mike Kimberley said “I would like to welcome London Lotus to the Lotus family. We are pleased to have teamed up with such an enthusiastic and professional organisation that has so much knowledge and understanding of what Lotus is all about. Lotus cars, which are so well regarded as drivers’ cars are not out of place in the capital, with their head-turning looks and safe, agile chassis. Performance enjoyment comes from the Lotus philosophy of lightweight design, which means better fuel economy and reduced environmental impact. This Lotus philosophy is truer today than it has ever been, taking into account the need for environmentally friendly, but exciting driving.”

Geoff Hodge, Managing Director of London Lotus said “We are looking forward to exhibiting the Lotus brand to the discerning customers of central London. The Park Lane location provides a great ‘shop window’ with which to display the multi-award winning, high-tech Lotus products and show the unique Lotus brand of style, performance and technology”.

The dealer can be found at:

London Lotus,
Avenfield House,
118-127, Park Lane,

Tel.: 0207 629 7020
Fax.: 0207 629 7040


Group Lotus Club day at Hethel
23rd September 2007 @ Hethel, Norfolk
Group Lotus is celebrating 40 years of production at Hethel on Sunday September 23rd and all LEF & LEW members are invited. There will be a loads of things to do and see including technical forums, factory tours, engineering displays, and lots more. The day has been planned for some time and it promises to be one to remember and definitely not to be missed.
Classic Team Lotus will have several of their delectable F1 cars on track and Lotus Sport will also be demonstrating the GT3 and the Exige 265E. The 2-Eleven will also be along with, we're told, some 'surprises'.

There will be off-site parking nearby and buses laid on to take you to the factory at Hethel on the day, more details to follow on that. Also, we are allowed a club stand where the LEF/LEW Marquee will be plus three Esprits on show.

Sunday 23rd September is the date for your diary.

Tickets are £30 each, children under 15 free.

For more information and to book your tickets please call Caroline Parker at Lotus Cars on 01953 608795 or email: cparker@lotuscars.co.uk and mention LEF/LEW as your club.


Project Bigsi
Esprit Forum Gets Things Done!

Being a virtual club doesn’t mean that virtually nothing ever gets done! Internet based car clubs and forums are seeing a huge surge in interest and we at LEF want to show how that being based in cyberspace doesn’t detract from what is possible when you get a lot of likeminded individuals together. In less than 3 years www.lotusespritforum.com (or LEF to the members) has gone from strength to strength now boasting over 3,200 members from all corners of the globe. Anyone who owns an Esprit, wants an Esprit or just plain loves the Esprit has been welcomed into the fold.

Taking this to a new level, in the middle of 2006 a member signed up wanting a new car. He found one and did a straight swap with his concours Fairlady for a S3 Esprit Turbo which once home was found lacking in pretty much all areas despite a thorough inspection pre-purchase. Fortunately, Simon Pritchard, or BigSi as we know him was a dab hand at car restoration and set about the long task of getting his new car to the condition he would like to see it in which would involve many hours of work over many months, or perhaps years, considering the problems with the car.

Unfortunately this was not to be. BigSi’s health conspired against him and he developed Reiters Syndrome on top of his existing lung condition which in turn lead to a mini-stroke, or TIA on New Year’s Eve, the first of five in succession. Despite this, BigSi still insisted on working on the car but when I found out that he had passed out in the drive while attempting to remove the rear callipers one day I decided that enough was enough and it was time that his new friends at LEF stepped in to help, before he did himself some serious damage.

The plan was afoot, a secret area on our web-based forum was set up that all members bar BigSi could see, read and add to. He didn’t even know it existed so was completely in the dark about our plans. Our initial appeal for donations towards parts was overwhelming with hundreds of people who had never met BigSi, many of whom are abroad and are unlikely to, sending us what they could spare. Our chief mechanic for the project, Troy Halliday was now refusing payment for his time as long as the smurf jokes stopped (he’s 5’ 5”!) and an LEF member in Wales, Simon Thomas, offered his garage, spare rooms and hospitality until the work was completed. We assembled a parts list of what we needed, Troy took BigSi’s car away on the auspice that it was to head with him to his garage in Hertfordshire so he could ‘hopefully get it running again’ and we were underway in our secret location 20 miles from BigSi’s home town.

Over the next five weeks literally hundreds of parts were fitted to the car with people from all over the UK heading to South Wales to help out. Members of LEF from Lancashire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Hampshire, Kent and so on came along with spanners and oily things on the weekends while the three main men; Troy, Simon and Punky worked away all week, sometimes starting at 7am and working until 4am the next day. Along with all the hard work much fun was had with midnight BBQ’s and donations of beer arriving unexpectedly to ease the workers’ weary bones.

The work completed on the car would take up 7 pages in a list, so let’s say that the car was stripped of its engine, gearbox, all suspension parts, radiators, and all were either replaced with brand new OEM parts in most cases, or thoroughly restored to ‘as new’ condition. The engine was also given a full rebuild and the suspension replaced with the new Lotus developed Bilstein and Eibach setup. The chassis also received a full strip and repaint with protective paints to make it look as good as new and last another 20+ years. Our estimates are that somewhere in the region of 2,000 man hours were put into this work on the car, with many more hours spent behind the scenes sourcing parts, picking parts up and other associated activities.

The handover to BigSi was also a secret of course, planned entirely without his knowledge and keeping that from him wasn’t easy! Club Lotus hold an annual track day for its members at Castle Combe in Wiltshire and the plan is to have him trackside as his newly restored car whizzes past on the track. This was arranged with thanks to Alan Morgan of Club Lotus and the plan was set, however after an accident the week before here BigSi on the forum mentioned that he would never, ever take his car on the track, ho-hum!

55 Esprit’s turned up for the day, and approximately 100 people, all keeping Mum about what was to happen. At 2pm, Alan Morgan led out in his Excel closely followed by Simon Thomas and Punky in BigSi’s car. The big man was shocked to say the least, and a very emotional afternoon followed with him seeing all the hard work which had been put into making his not so great Esprit into one of the finest looking and running Giugiaro Esprit’s on the road today

Thanks must go to all the members of LEF who donated money, time, parts, expertise and beer to the project. Also, Lotus Cars for their help with sourcing parts and technical advice, Club Lotus for allowing the handover to happen on their trackday, South West Lotus for all of their assistance with parts, PNM Engineering, ESPRITism and Frosts for the supply of materials to us.

For more information, please head to www.lotusespritforum.com

NB – A copy of the presentation is available from here to download and includes previews of all pics. For hi-res, please let me know the page and location of the picture and I’ll be able to send it to you straight away.



Work on LEW's Esprit
Brakes & Suspension
We finally managed to fit our new rear brake discs from PNM. These are 320mm discs on bells fitted to the standard V8 brembo calipers. They look great and at that size are sure to improve the braking! A guide will be available soon. We had also been suffering from a steering issue. A bit of a click on turning and the wheel not self-centring after a corner. This turned out to be a stiff U/J, which easily freed up with some WD40. We've now lubricated it, so it should be ok for a while. Now with our brakes fitted and steering sorted out we can get out and do a few miles and push our suspension a little more. Just need some nice weather now!


News from June 2007

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