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June 2007

Calling All S1/s2 Owners Worldwide!
Lotus Suspension
Due to the lack of numbers and costs of development for the new Bilstein/Eibach suspension upgrade Lotus cannot realistically carry on the development of this upgrade unless there are significant numbers of people interested in purchasing. If only 10/20 people wish to follow this route then Lotus will lose a significant amount of money on the project which, as nice as they are, they can't justify. If 75+ people were interested, there's a lot more chance of us getting this off the ground.

Please post a reply on this THREAD on LEF if you would purchase this suspension if it were available. It's not a contract to buy, but we do need a commitment to numbers so a good case can be made to Lotus to make this an economically good idea for them.


NMEG @ Nick Whale Sportscars
22nd July 2007
Lotus dealership Nick Whale, has kindly agreed to open its doors for NMEG on a Sunday and in addition to showing us around their excellent facilities, will provide us with refreshments all "on the house".

The day will take place on Sunday 22 July and the plan at the moment is to meet at Hilton Park at 9.30am. After a chat and perhaps a bacon butty, we'll leave Hilton Park at 10.00am and make our way on to the M5 to pick up members from Frankley Services. Then its a quick blast to the Dealership which is on the A38 in Bromsgrove. We're intending to arrive by 10.30am and hopefully we'll be there till lunch.

Afterwards the journey home might be via Kidderminster/Bridgnorth and Telford, but this will be firmed up nearer the time.
To help Nick Whale plan their catering budget (2 packets of crisps or 3?) we need to have an idea of numbers. Please add your name to this thread (Esprit Events) if you intend joining us. Remember, you don't have to be a "member" of NMEG to come along and play. It helps if you drive an Esprit though.

This is the first time that Nick Whale has opened its doors on a Sunday and the first time it's invited NMEG so lets make the most of the opportunity". With over 20 Esprits already confirmed, it should be a good day!


Esprit Rear Quarter Glass Refurbishment
A solution for a common problem
Stocks Coachwork have a lot of Esprits going through their body shops, one noticeable fault which has come up with numerous Esprits is that the black surround on the rear quarter glass seems to flake away and can look quite an eyesore from the exterior of the car. Stocks Coachwork have devised a way around this and for £99.99 + VAT they can remove both of your rear quarter glasses, completely clean them and paint a black edging around the glass using a black paint which is used on windscreens. The glass is then bonded back in and your trim is re-fitted, and then the glass looks as good as new. Please telephone them for more information on 01245 248143


LEW Esprit Update
Lots of work over the past year
Just an update on LEW's Esprit. As many of you know, we've had lots of work done over the past year. After six years of ownership there was a possibility of an upgrade to an S4s/S300/V8, but we decided to keep our SE and spend the money on getting it in tip/top condition. This include an engine rebuild to S300 spec by SWLC, which included a S300 gearbox, flywheel and clutch, new or recond pumps and a new standard S4 turbo with shiny new 'sports' exhaust. We also had fitted the new Lotus Suspension, New radiator and oil coolers, Our fuel tanks stripped and re-coated and new S350 wheels and tyres. Our brakes have moved up to 6-pot calipers and we are about to put 320mm discs on the rear. We've still got a S300 turbo to fit and our new digital speedo, which was required due to the change in gearbox and we really need some paint work done.

Guides on the engine work are still under construction, as it's hard to drag the guys from SWLC away from the greasey bits and infront of a computer. Guides on the headwork are also being worked on. Info on our fuel tanks has been added to the bottom of the Tank Removal guide and rads and oil cooler to the radiator guide. These will now be published in front of the engine guide, as this is still a while off finishing, all the pictures are done, just missing the words. Although the guide won't be a 'how to' more of a 'what's done'.

We received the finished car back at Donington this year, all run-in and ready to go. Unfortunately, it rained all the way back and the next outing at Oxford was also wet! So our first dry run was at supercar sunday last week and the car performed well. With so much work done, we'll admitted to driving a little more carefully than usual! So the suspension review will be done once we get to drive the car a little harder. First impressions are good, very good.

You can get a feel for all the work that's been done on our owners page. It's been a long process, but we were happy to wait and get everything done that needed doing. And now there's not much left that can be done, we'll get to put a few miles on it over the summer, before a possible winter respray (staying with black of course).


Bell & Colvill Lotus Open Weekend
Saturday & Sunday 30th June – 1st July 2007
B&Cs annual open weekend is taking place on 30th June and 1st July this year. Along with test drives and a barbeque, our friends at Classic Team Lotus are providing a selection of historic Lotus Formula One cars driven by three former world champions.

Merchandise and parts will be available in our shop, with extended opening hours for the weekend. Rides and drives are conducted on a pre-booked basis so please call or e-mail Scott Walker or Richard Dean to guarantee your drive, or just come along to meet fellow enthusiasts and to see the displays.

Esprits for Sale
B&C will also have an Essex Esprit and Esprit Sport 300 for sale on the day.

Useful Lotus Parts Information
For a while now our parts team has been collecting hidden gems of information for the Lotus owner and these are now being placed on our web site. Click here to take a look, among the articles we have things such as details of updated suspension for the Esprit and the model history of the Elise/Exige. We will be adding more over time and feedback on section of the site is welcomed, it can be sent by clicking here.

Lotus Track Day At Silverstone
Monday 16th July 2007. Click here for more details of this exciting event at the home of the British Grand Prix.


Great Offers from Esprit Engineering
Open to everybody
Esprit Engineering have a couple of great offers available at the moment:

Jan speed Exhaust for the 1987/89 carb turbo (Stevens shape)
Made by Janspeed, these stainless steel exhausts fit extremely well. Fitted with one single straight through silencer they unlock power but are not unbearable on motorways, they are well made and supplied with a stainless steel band clamp for the tail pipe allowing adjustment for the rear valance. Janspeed is known around the world for quality systems. They have a lifetime guarantee. Cost £335 plus VAT

Stainless steel Radiator Frame
Remanufactured Stainless steel radiator frames replaces old rusty frames. Also available a 3 fan conversion to replace the original fans and gantry. These fan units are robust (not to be confused with cheaper alternatives) comes with stainless fitting straps. Radiator frame on its own £145 plus VAT

3 Fan conversion set will fit old mild steel frame as well £250

Can be supplied with an updated radiator as an assembly ready to fit.

To see the new offers please go to www.espritengineering.co.uk/menus/main.asp?QTopMenu=Deals.

Esprit Engineering look forward to providing you with all your Lotus replacement parts and your servicing and repairs.


17th June 2007
Supercar Sunday will be held this year this Sunday (17th June) at the Heritage Motor Museum, Gaydon, Warwickshire. See 2004's event here! There was no event in 2005 and we didn't make it there last year.


LEW is planning on attending, so see you all there!


New FreeScan USB Cable
New sleaker USB option
LEW has now launched a new USB cable. Previously you needed a serial cable with a USB adaptor, which wasn't exactly sleak. We now have a new cable with goes straight from ALDL to USB, there's also a jack which means you have leave the ALDL attached to your car and just plug in the jack lead to USB. The advantages of the new cable are as follows:

1. All-in-one cable ALDL-USB, no additional adaptors required.
2. New 5 mm jack for ease of plug in and record.
3. Drivers available from Win95-Vista (supplied with package)
4. Successfully tested with Freescan.
5. Comes with installation guide, installer CD and Freescan manual.

All this and we've reduced the price to £140 + p&p

We are also offering an Exchange for those with serial cables. Return a LEW serial cable and we'll exchange it for a new USB cable for £50! So if you update your laptop or just want the sleaker new cable instead of the old serial/USB adaptor version, you can do it at a cut price.

The E-Shop will not be selling the old USB version with the adaptor from now on, but the standard serial cable will still be available.

ClubLEW members also get a great discount on the new USB Cable. See the Club site for more details.


Quicksilver Exhaust on Test
Loud version tested on SE
LEW will be testing a Quicksilver Exhaust in the next few months on an SE. We'll be doing a review and giving you details once it's fitted. There's a couple of versions, and we'll be testing the loud version! Should be fun! Pricing is good, so lets see what the product is like!

All coming soon on LEW!


News from May 2007

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