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The articles below have been reproduced by Lotus Esprit World as they were printed. Many have 'errors' in that have not been corrected.

Light Fantastic
Lotus Esprit GT3
Auto Express, January 1998
The futures bright,
    the futures orange

Lotus Esprit GT3
Performance Car, February 1997
The Handling Test
Lotus Esprit GT3
CAR Magazine Dec 1997
Lotus Esprit GT3
Britain's Best Driver's Car
Autocar Sept 1997
Slow Slow, Quick Quick, Slow
Esprit GT3 in France

Top Gear Magazine February 1997
Lotus Esprit GT3
Road test
Autocar, December 1996
Lotus Esprit GT3
Car Magazine Jan 1997
Big Lotus Shoot-out
Esprit GT3 v Elise & Impreza
Auto Express Feb 1997
Brave new world...
...TVR Cerbera vs Lotus Esprit
Classic and Sportscar
Lotus Esprit GT3
Road test
Top Gear Website
Licenced to Thrill
Lotus Esprit GT3
Classics Magazine April 2004
Esprit de War
Esprit S4s vs Esprit GT2
AutoCar Road test August 1995
Supcars take on Oz's Northern Terrority
Motor Magzine February 2007
Supercar Olympics
Lotus v Porsche v Honda v Ferrari v Dodge
Car & Driver July 1997
Lotus Esprit S4s
Road test
AutoCar Magazine
Ending an Era with a Bang!
Lotus Esprit S4s
Road & Track July 1995
More Spirit, Less Sport
Lotus Esprit S4s
AutoCar Magazine
The Fastest Car of '93
Lotus Esprit S300 v the rest
AutoCar December 1993
Best Driver's Car
Handling Day '95
AutoCar Magazine September 1995
Electric Blue!
Lotus Esprit S4s
Performance Car May 1995

LeMans Racers for the Road
Esprit Sport 300 v 911 RS 3.8

Car Magazine July 1993

Bargain Supercars
Esprit S4s v NSX v 348

Classic & Sports Cars April 2019
Best Value Power
Lotus Esprit S300
Octane Magazine June 2011

No Known Cure
Lotus Esprit Sport 300
AutoCar Magazine

The Fate Beyond
Lotus Esprit S300 v Honda NSX Mugan
Performance Car December 1993
Esprit of America
Lotus Esprit X180-R
Fast Lane Magazine 1992
My Favourite Lotus
Esprit S300, Elise & Elan
AutoCar Magazine June 2012
Performance Car of the Year
Esprit S4 v 911 v 968 v Ferrari 348 v Honda Prelude v Supra v TVR Griffith v Integrale
Performance Car December 1993
Shopping for a Supercar
Ferrari 308, Porsche 911, Lotus Esprit S4
AutoCar Magazine December 1996
You wanna talk really lucky?
Esprit S4
Performance Car Jul 1994
Esprit S4 v Porsche 911
Top Gear Magazine Dec 1993
Leader of the Pack
Lotus Esprit SE Racer
AutoCar Magazine

Lotus Esprit S4
Road test
AutoCar Magazine 1993

S4 Superior
Lotus Esprit S4
Fast Lane Magazine Apr 1993

Esprit S4
Esprit S4 Roadtest

In French from 1993
The Sky's the Limit
Lotus Esprit S4
Auto Express April 1994
Esprit S4 vs Ferrari 348

Car Magazine April 1993
Lord of the Fliers
Ferrari 348, Porsche 911 Turbo, Honda NSX, Lotus Esprit S4
AutoCar Magazine July 1993
Sand Wedge
Lotus Esprit S1 vs 'new' S4

Performance Car April 1993
Coming Soon
for Ten

Esprit S4, Clio V6, Impreza RB5, Mazda RX-7, Audi RS2, BMW M5, TVR Chimaera
Evo Magazine Jan 2007
Highland Fling
Lotus Esprit SE HW

Performance Car 'Pull Out' 1992
Esprit SE 'High Wing'
Performance Car November 1991
New Car Supplement

The Icon & the Upstart
Lotus Esprit SE v MVS Venturi
Classic Car Magazine Mar 2003

Lotus Esprit SE highwing
Esprit SE v Renault A610 v MVS Venturi 260
AutoCar Magazine
Lotus Esprit SE

The Encyclopedia of Supercars (1991)
Wings & Roundabouts
Esprit SE-Highwing
Motor Sport December 1992
The Eroticars
Lust at first sight
Car & Driver Magazine September 1990
Pretty Polymers
Esprit SE v MVS Venturi v Renault A610
Car Magazine June 1992
All together Now!
Esprit SE v Ferrari 348 v 911 v Honda NSX
Car Magazine October 1990
Hot Dishes
Esprit SE v Jag XJR v Lancia Delta v BMW M5
What Car? Magazine February 1990

Esprit SE
Road test
ClassicCar Magazine 1998

Lotus Esprit SE
Road test
AutoCar Magazine
Top Gun
Esprit v 911 v RX7 v Supra v Viper v ZR1
MotorTrend Aug 1993
What you need to know
1989–96 Lotus Esprit Turbo Buyer’s Guide
www.caranddriver.comOctober 2013
Esprit Turbo SE
Road test
MotorTrend July 1989
Battle of Britain
Lotus Esprit SE v Panther Solo
Car Magazine Nov 1989

1989 Esprit Turbo
Road test
Sports Car Illustrated

Green Machine
Lotus Esprit SE
Fast Lane July 1989

Lotus Esprit Turbo & NA
Road test
Car Magazine, December 1987

Lotus Esprit SE
Road test
AutoCar Magazine May 1989

Lotus Esprit Turbo
Road test
Motor Trend February 1988

Esprit Turbo
Road test
Evo Magazine Jan 2003

Esprit Turbo & Peugoet 205 Gti

Car Magazine, December 1988

Lotus Esprit Turbo
Road test
Car & Driver June1988

Autocar 1988 Lotus Esprit Turbo
750 Miles Road test
AutoCar Magazine 1988
The Ferrari Challenge
1988 Lotus Esprit
v Ferrari 328 GTB
Lotus Esprit Turbo
Road test
Road & Track Magazine Jan 1988

Lotus Esprit Turbo
Road test
AutoCar Magazine April 1988

Lotus Esprit Turbo
Road test
AutoCar Magazine 1987

Best Buy
Esprit Turbo v Porsche 944 turbo

Classic & Sports Cars March 2000
Blow by Blow
Esprit Turbo vs TVR SX350i

Performance Car Aug 1988
New Esprit & EspritTurbo

Motor October 1987
Smooth Operator
Esprit Turbo

Classic & Sports Car Nov 2005
The £10k Supercar
Esprit Turbo vs TVR SX350i

Practical Performance Car Nov 2005
Wild at Heart
Esprit Turbo v Diablo v MR2 v 348 v NSX

Fast Lane March 1991
Troubled Spirit
Esprit Turbo

Fast Lane March 1991
The Big Four
Lotus & Porsche’s 4-cylinder 80s line-up

Classic Car Mart September 2014
A Spritely Esprit
Esprit SE

Autoweek May 1989
Cutting Wedge Design
Esprit S1 & Esprit SE

Classic & Sports Cars September 2015

Classic Motor Hub October 2018
A whole lot of WEDGE
Esprit S1, S2, Turbo, S4, GT3, V8
AbsoluteLotus August 2018

All Articles above have been reproduced by Lotus Esprit World. No copyright for these Articles is held by Lotus Esprit World.

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