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December 2004

LEW Wins 2 Awards
LEW picked up two awards at the Southrun Lotus Enthusiasts Web Site of the Year Awards 2004. LEW was the winner for the Web Site of the Year with 31% of the vote. The site says about LEW:

Lotus Esprit World is an extremely popular support web site for all Esprit owners. The web site is updated often and has an excellent selection of information from purchasing through to upgrading. If you're into Esprits in anyway, this is the place to be. Congratulations go to Kato for winning this award and we hope you continue the good work into 2005.

LEW also won Best Technical site with 22.7% of the vote and came second in he best event of 2004 with the Lotus Esprit World Oxford Run 2004.

LEW user Karl Sharrett was the winner of the Maddest Modder, 2004, for his 1997 Esprit GT3. Following Dermot's win in 2003.

Thanks to everyone that voted for LEW and Karl this year.

see the full results here


LEW Mailing List
Lotus Esprit World's Mailing List has been re-done, as lots of the email addresses where bouncing. LEW has sent out a mail wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. If you haven't received it, you are now not on the mailing list and will have to resubmit your details to be added to the list. Currently there are over 350 members receiving updates.


Lotus Celebration at LeMans 2005
At Le Mans 2005, it will be the Lotus' 50th Anniversary, a lot going on, some of which should appeal to Esprit owners, there have been half a dozen or so Esprits compete at Le Mans since the 80's so would be good to get a large representation, particularly a 300 Sport for the Drivers Parade. Use the two banners for further information on the events taking place at Le Mans.


Merry Christmas from Lotus
Brian Angus and Geoff Davidson from Lotus' Engineering department have wish Lotus Esprit World and all it's users a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. Both are still employees after the recent redundancies at Lotus Cars and will be working with LEW in 2005 to keep the Esprit alive.

LEW would like to wish Brian, Geoff and everyone at Lotus Cars a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hopes those who have recently been laid off from the factory, a quick return to employment in 2005.

p.s. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all those who have used, contributed and met up with Lotus Esprit World over 2004. We look forward to continuing the pursuit of Lotus Esprit Domination as the best car in the World in 2005.


Stratton Motor Company Join's LEW
Stratton have joined the LEW list of Specialist that can undertake work on your Esprit and supply you with parts and of course their knowledge of the Esprit. See their website for more details. You'll now find their details on the Parts & Specialists page for future reference. As with other company's associated with LEW, we will bring you anything Esprit related that Stratton has to offer.

Stratton Motor Company was originally formed in 1972 by Roger Bennington, and has grown from a modest village filling station to a thriving dealership for Aston Martin, Lotus, Morgan and Ford. Occupying a 5 acre site 10 miles south of Norwich, dedication, loyalty and customer care are foremost in the mind of every member of staff.

You may have seen Guy Munday from Stratton on the Esprit DVD.


Work on it's way
Due to time constraints LEW has some work that has been hanging around for a while, that we now hope to complete in the New Year. The Electric Chargecooler pump is still waiting to go into LEW's Esprit. Lotus have designed and supplied a wiring loom and have supplied fully tested instructions for fitting. The WC pump is ready to go in, so this work and accompanying guide is planned for a week in January.

LEW has also been supplied a set of products from Carbaflo that was developed initially as a service item for dealer use as a 'Squeak & Rattle Kit. Uses covered include weather-strip lubrication, glass channels & sunroofs, interior & exterior trim squeaks, interior component lubrication, air vent, handles, locks and controls... Carbaflo can also be used in areas where conventional lubricants could not be used due to degradation caused by aggressive environments. This is to be tested shortly (new year) and if it works, would be great product for Esprit owners.

LEW's Esprit will also be getting a rear wing in the new year. A Sport 350 'carbon fibre' wing is planned at present and a full guide to fitting will be available once the work has been done.


Esprit Owners Website
One of our best owners pages has now been made into a website. Graham Elliot's 1990 SE's owners page is regularly updated and was easily the largest owners page with the most information on it. LEW had trouble keeping up with Graham's updates and his page had to be split into 3 different pages. Graham has now produced his own website at www.espritse.nl which covers all the work and trips on his current 1990 SE. This site is now directly linked to his menu on the Steven's Owners pages. So have a look and see the work he's put in. Worth a visit!


Find Quality Car Info Faster! Website that list useful websites for different marques. Worth bookmarking!


Another Pat on the Back
Another independent has been getting good reviews from Esprit Owners. Esprit Engineering have a good reputation in the Lotus world, which is backed up LEW users views. So if you're anywhere near Salisbury, give Geoff at Esprit Engineering a call.


Advert Scammers
Those of you who have advertised on Lotus Esprit World have been warned about the scam emails that are normally sent once the advert appears. These are normally in bad English and normally don't mention the item and want to know the price. Then they wish to send payment for more that the item and want a payment in return. Well it seems this is happening all over the web. Check out this link to see what one guy did in response to getting so many of these emails. Don't click if you're easily offended!



OBD II for V8's
Gendan Direct has recently released a range of OBD-II / EOBD interfaces which support the ISO protocol (used by Lotus). They have already sold several of these interfaces to owners of Lotus V8's, manufactured 1997 onwards and we have received much positive feedback. Lotus Cars Ltd have also purchase a kit for use at Hethel. See here for more details.

Gendan Direct are pleased to confirm that the Lotus fault codes are now on their online database at:


Lotus Cars Website
Lotus Cars Ltd have revamped their website recently. It now includes more info and is more useable. There's some cool pdf downloads (unfortunately Elise stuff). Lists of all the manuals, parts and other stuff. The trim shop, which LEW has used on many occasions can be found under Lotus Cars and aftersales. Most of the stuff shown is for the Elise, but Mel Broome's Team can do just about anything. So if you need anything trimmed, email Mel at Lotus (remember to mention LEW). Check out the site. It's much better than it once was.



2002 Light Conversion
Here is a selection of photos of the V8 rear light conversion Morland Jones did for a LEW user Paul Colclough. All the parts used were Lotus supplied & not copies. Call for prices.



Esprit V8-GT @ 200mph
UK Motoring Programme 'Fifth Gear', on Channel Five have chosen an Esprit V8-GT to buy and try and get 200mph out of. LEW missed the first programme on Monday 29th November at 7.30pm, but has recorded the repeat on Tuesday at 8.30pm. During the series the Esprit will be follow in it's attempt to reach 200mph.

Tif Needel and Vicky Butler Henderson bought the silver V8-GT from a Doctor in Surrey after having it checked out by one their specialists.  However, once bought, the gear box failed on the way home!!  Each week they will be telling us how they modified the car. A must see for all Esprit Enthusiasts.

See first installment here.


Lotus Esprit World Calendars
Those who purchased both 2004 and 2005 Wall Calendars should have a seemless change over today, as the last page of 2004 is the same as the first page of 2005. Pete's Blue Esprit S2 should be on everyone's wall now in the form of the new LEW Official Calendar 2005.

Stock is still available of both the Wall and Desktop Calendars. Non-UK orders need to be dispatched by 11th December to be delivered before Xmas. So order from the E-Shop now!


News from November 2004

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