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January 2007

ClubLotus Shop
More lotus stuff to buy online!

ClubLotus' website has had somewhat of a make over and now has it's own online shop where you can buy lotus merchandise. Worth a look to see what's on offer.



Gearshift Improvement Kits

Update January 2007
There are now 2 kits to choose from offering a choice of ‘standard grade’ or ‘superior’. Both kits are still aimed at improving the feel and precision of the notoriously poor gear shift on Stephens cars as they age. This is achieved by removing the free play and drag associated with worn rod ends and translator bearings in the gearshift mechanism at the gearbox end. The earlier cars also suffer from further drag caused by the gearbox cross shaft support bearing. This too is addressed by an optional upgrade that is only appropriate for pre’93 cars. Note, cars from about ’96 onwards had revised tie rod link design and used different sized joints (’98 on where different again). We expect to be able to offer a kit to suit these cars later in 2007.

ESPRITism ‘Standard’ Gear shift quality improvement kit.
The standard grade kit features 4 high grade chromate plated steel rod ends of a specification very similar to the Lotus original parts. These replace the rod ends on the gear shift cables and the tie link. 2 high quality ball bearing assemblies, with double rubber seals, are included to replace the 2 bearings in the translator assembly. The kit is finished off by replacement stainless steel fixing nuts for the rod ends and tie rod and a stainless steel large dia washer to fit on the bottom of the translator body to prevent much of the spray and dirt finding its way to the lower translator bearing.

ESPRITism ‘Standard’ Gear shift quality improvement kit.
£ 59 inc UK postage. (Club LEW £56)
• 4 off chromate plated steel, UK made high quality studded rod ends
• 2 off Double sealed bearing assemblies.
• 5 Lock nuts (one is a spare), all stainless steel.
• 5 Nylock nuts (one is a spare), all stainless steel.
• 1 Translator shaft nut (stainless steel).
• 1 Large diameter washer (stainless steel).

ESPRITism ‘Superior’ Gear shift quality improvement kit
The superior kits takes the upgrade one stage further. In this kit the 4 rod ends are made FULLY in stainless steel. That is the body, the bearing AND the stud, all from corrosion resistant stainless steel. These parts are uniquely made for ESPRITism here in the UK. The translator bearings also receive an upgrade and these too are made with stainless steel race bearings and cage. A stainless steel replacement tie rod is included (just in case the original is too corroded to allow easy re-use). The kit is topped off by a full set of stainless steel fixings as per the standard kit. The benefits added by use of stainless steel for all elements are unequalled durability, strength and reliability. ESPRITism are the only supplier to offer a fully stainless option.

ESPRITism ‘Superior’ Gear shift quality improvement kit.
£ 95 inc UK postage. (Club LEW £91)
• 4 Off fully stainless steel, UK made high quality studded rod ends.
• 2 off Double sealed, fully stainless steel bearing assemblies.
• Replacement tie rod (stainless steel).
• 5 Lock nuts (one is a spare), all stainless steel.
• 5 Nylock nuts (one is a spare), all stainless steel.
• 1 Translator shaft nut (stainless steel).
• 1 Large diameter washer (stainless steel).

Kits for 96 to 98 Esprits
Esprit’s with the revised gear shift arrangement fitted from 1996 to ‘98 have slightly different rod ends installed on the tie rod assembly (tie rod is not used at all after ’98). At the moment ESPRITism.com do not stock this type of rod end. However, our rod ends are still appropriate as replacements for the shift cable terminations and the bearings we provide are still correct for the translator assembly.

We can therefore provide the following partial kits for Esprits from ’96 to 98

Standard Kit (96-98)
£ 35 including UK postage (Club LEW £33)

Stainless steel Kit (96-98)
£64 including UK postage (Club LEW £61)

The contents are the same other than the tie rod is deleted as are 2x rod ends and the associated fixings.

Go to espritism.com to order


OBDII Code Reader

LEW gets busy on Elise this time!

A family member was having trouble with a 2001 Elise and wanted LEW to help. Unfortunately we had to spend our time on something else other than an Esprit. The Elise had the dreaded 'Engine Management' light on. The manual says go straight to your authorised dealer and not much else. Before making the trek to a dealer, we got hold of an OBDII reader from Gendan. This reader plugs into the engine management and can read the fault codes. 4 codes were given. 2 the reader identified and others were Lotus codes, so we needed to refer to the service manual. This device also allows you to reset the error codes, so you can see if they return.

This is a great device for anyone who likes to make an attempt at fixing their vechicle. These type of readers work on 1997-2004 Esprit V8's and any other vehicles from 96 on (see descriptions). More information can be found in the maintenance section of LEW and some of the readers can be found at the clubshop. ClubLEW members can also get a discount from Gendan on Code readers.

If you haven't got one, it's worth thinking about.


The Last Esprit gets new shoes
The last every Esprit built!

This historic car has now been equipped with Oxigin Lexor wheels (www.oxiginwheels.com) in the follwing size 8.5X18 front and 10X19 rear. Read more about the Last Esprit here.


ClubLEW gets section on LEF
We'll be using it! You should too!

ClubLEW now has it's own section on the Lotus Esprit Forum (LEF). This is only viewable to clubLEW members and can be used to post and chat. We will be using it to annouce ClubLEW stuff to members as there is currently no News page in the Club site. If you're not an LEF member, we advise you join. It's a great resource for all Esprit owners with thousands already there!


Esprit V8 Alloy Coffee Table

Great piece of furniture for Esprit Enthusiasts (Item number: 320074333785)
We spotted this on Ebay today (Monday 22nd Jan, finishes 31st Jan 07) and have started the bidding at 99p! Only trouble is it's pick-up only from Norfolk. We don't know who's selling this and don't normally help advertise ebay stuff (seller hasn't asked and doesn't know). But this piece is really cool and it should really go to a LEW user! I'm sure one of you wants it! We're happy to pick it up for 99p, but expect the bidding to go a little higher. Click on the Pic to go to item.

For Sale: Lotus Esprit V8 Alloy Wheel With Some spherical glass on top to make it appear to be a coffee table.

The alloy itself has never been used, my friend used to work for Lotus and managed to get it due to a technical fault... There is a Lotus company logo 'Cap' that goes in the centre of the wheel, but was taken out because it didnt look that good being in there for a coffee table then was forgotten for the photos, but it is now in place.

This item is being sold on behalf of my friend, so i will try to do the best i can by answering your questions, but for a much better answer please call him on: 07836614553

Local collection only due to the size of the item and how fragile it is. A must for all Lotus fans


Lotus Parts – Past & Present
16th – 20th January 2007

Lotus Aftersales are having a sale of parts, for all models, past and present. We expect interest to be high, so be ready to spring into action and wind your way to Bristol for an opportunity not to be missed. If there's anything left after the event, you'll be able to order from the Aftersales area of Lotus's website for delivery to your nearest dealer.

Lotus Parts Distribution Centre
Units 1-3 Crowley Way
BS11 9YR

LEW how has the parts list. See it here!

You can email a pre-order to acoughlan@lotuscars.co.uk which will be dealt with once the sale starts. You'll also need to nominate your nearest Lotus dealer.


Lipscomb Lotus World Record Attempt
Want to be a World Record Holder?
CALLING ALL LOTUS DRIVERS - HELP US TO SECURE THE RECORD – Lipscomb are pleased to announce that we will be attempting a Guinness World record for the "LARGEST PARADE OF LOTUS CARS" ever on Sunday 28th January 2007 at the Brands Hatch Circuit.

And we need your help, if you and your Lotus want to get involved in the challenge then register your details by clicking on the link below. A confirmation E-mail will be sent to you to authorise your entrance for the record attempt:


All cars will meet at our new dealership in Aylesford (located on Forstal Road) at 9am for some "Hog Roast" breakfast. Cars will then drive down in convoy to the Brands circuit for a 10/10.30am meet to go through procedures, briefing etc. The attempt for the record will take place around lunchtime.

For further details please contact a member of the Lotus team on 0845 338 9909.


Suspension Work Continues at Hethel
Lotus working on Suspension for Giugiaro Esprits

Lotus Engineering currently has an Esprit S1 at Hethel for Damper work to produce a suspension upgrade for Esprit S1 & S2. Bilstein are producing new Dampers for this variant for Engineering to test. The S1 & S2 have different Damper Mountings that require revised Dampers. Lotus are awaiting the prototypes at the moment.

Lotus Engineering will also been doing the 1980 – 1985 Esprits in the future. No timescale is currently available for this, so don't waste yours and Lotus's time enquiring about it. You WILL hear about it here. As soon as it's available Lotus and LEW will let you know, as Lotus WILL want to sell it to you.

The suspension kit currently available for 1986-2004 Esprit is well worth the investment. This kit provides the Esprit with 21st century materials and up-to-date technology for a supercar that is currently running on a 70's designed damper and spring! This is the best upgrade available for the Esprit currently.

Good times ahead in 2007 with Lotus continuing to support Esprit owners!


ESPRITism.com now have a web site up and running that lists the parts they currently have available. At the moment the stock is biased towards Stephens cars but hopefully this will increase over the coming moths to include more G-car parts as well. There is a selection of new parts as well as used including some very special offers on Turbo piston sets.

ESPRITism have updated and improved the gearshift improvement kits that where previously being sold via Lotusbits.com. There are now 2 kit options to choose from, fully stainless (100% of the metal parts are now stainless steel) which will be available from the third week of Jan, or a cheaper mild steel version that still uses stainless fixings and the same basic rod end design (though different materials) as the more expensive kit. Further gearshift improvement options are also in the pipe line and will be available soon.

ESPRITism have also just bought a very wide selection of stainless steel fixings (from M2 to M12), and these too will be listed on their web site soon. If you are doing some rebuild work on your car currently this could be an opportunity to change to stainless fixings for mild steel prices. Drop them a mail if there is anything you need urgently.

As an added incentive any LEW/LEF readers spending more than £200 before the end of January will get a 5% discount or a free ESPRITism.com high quality Black T-shirt as long as they remember to mention LEW when ordering.

ESPRITism.com is run by an enthusiast with the intention of funding further Esprit projects (including getting a race car up and running). If you have, or know of any, abandoned project Esprits, crashed cars, MOT failures or even collections of used parts that could be of interest please let ESPRITism.com know by e-mailing espritparts@espritism.com. Cash awaits!

Espritism has taken over the sponsorship of www.esprit4sale.co.uk's Parts for Sale page. We will be supporting them as their business starts up. Another parts supplier can only be good for Esprit owners, especially one dedicated to Esprits!


Why buy an Esprit?
When you can buy something cheaper and more reliable!

The newer technologies often gain a level of efficiency that makes them... uninteresting. In many cases, the older ways and technologies were more than sufficient, and it is their minor failings that give variety and character to doing things that way. With the older ways, you usually have to be more aware of details, understand more of what you are doing, and take more time being involved in the process. That greater interaction makes the process more personal and enjoyable for some people.


Happy New Year
From LEW to all it's users

We'd like to wish everyone a happy new year. Let's hope 2007 will be a good one. Drive carefully and we look forward to plenty of Esprit stuff for 2007.



News from December 2006

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