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  Lotus Damper Programme
New Esprit Suspension from Lotus
Lotus Poly Bushes
New Polyurethane bushes from Lotus
  Suspension Set-up
Get your geometary right!
Upgraded Suspension
A Guide to what's out there
  Springs & Dampers
A How to remove & refit
Adjustable Giugiaro Suspension
A Guide to fitting Adjustable Suspension
1981- 85 Esprits
  UJ Replacement
A Guide to replacing yours
1976-1981 Esprits only
Lower Link Stud Removal
A Guide to Removing with breaking your Hubs
  Wheel Refurbishment
'Split Rims refurbished'
After Market Alloy Wheels
A Guide to some of what's on offer
  Spare Wheel Removal
Weight saving for the Esprit
Wheel Alignment
Checking Your Esprit Alignment
  Upgraded Brakes
A Guide to Calipers, Discs & Pads
Replacing Tyres
Ordering & Fitting
  PNM Monster 6 Kit
Disc, Bell and 6pot Calipers
V8 Wheels on SE
Guide to 93< on >92 Esprits
  ABS Disabler
A Guide turning off your ABS
(non-LEW page)
Upgraded Rear Brakes
A Guide to changing the rears
  Rear Brake discs & pads
A Guide to changing the rears
PNM Rear Brake Kit
A Guide to Upgrading the rears
  PNM Rear Disc Kit
320mm Discs & Bells for V8 Kit
PNM Front Brake Kit (4pot)
A Guide to Upgrading the fronts
  Pads on AP Calipers
A How to Gudie
Bleeding Brakes
A Guide to the Delco System
  Bulkhead Mounting Plate
A How to Gudie
Disc/Pads on Brembo Calipers
A How to Change Gudie + refurb
  Inboard Rear Brakes
Disc and Pad replacement!
Suspension Bush Replacement
Bush replacement Guide
Non-LEW page


Summer- All-season- Winter tyres All

Anything attempted on the following pages is undertaken at your own risk.

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